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Oct 1STATE OF HAWAII HAWAII HOUSING FINANCE AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION MORTGAGE CREDIT CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Section 25 of the Internal Revenue Code authorizes "issuers" to issue Mortgage Credit Certificates ("MCCs") in lieu of qualified mortgage bonds. The State of Hawaii's Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation ("HHFDC") is an issuer of MCCs. HHFDC intends to implement a $7,500,000 MCC program approximately 90 days after the date of publication of this notice. The MCC Program provides homeownership opportunities for qualified households through a federal income tax credit. The MCC can help first-time homebuyers qualify for a mortgage loan by increasing their buying power (...)
Sep 29NOTICE OF ABANDONED VEHICLE DISPOSAL PLATE VIN VEHICLE REGISTERED OWNER BD217 / JT2BK18U430085132 / 2003 TOYT PRI, SIL / AVOCADI, GIUSEPPE ; JFD678 / JHMCG5649YC032776 / 2000 HOND ACC, GLD / NORIAL, DOMINGO G & PURITA B ; KAM459 / 1D7RW3GK1BS573159 / 2011 DODG DAK, GRY / MANUS DANIEL JR & LORRAINE ; KAV903 / JM1BK12G781174107 / 2008 MAZD PRO, BLK / ROE, MALLORY A ; KBF068 / 1FMZU77E63UB19881 / 2003 FORD F15, WHI / DOXSEE, JOSHUA P ; KBM594 / 4T1BG22KXYU692878 / 2000 TOYT CAM, BLU / Phillip Waters ; KCM618 / 5TDZA23C54S101723 / 2004 TOYT SNA, TAN / (...)
Sep 17The City and County of Honolulu announces the 2021 Call for Projects for the Federal Transit Administration Section 5310 grant program. Section 5310 – Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities - provides funds to improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities by removing barriers to transportation services and expanding transportation mobility options. Honolulu's priority is to fund projects that enable the City to meet its top goal in the Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan – to Improve TheHandi-Van On-Time Performance and Trip Length. Honolulu proposes to meet this goal by utilizing the Section 5310 funding to purchase (...)
Sep 17"STATE OF HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES REQUEST FOR PARTICIPATION IN NATURAL AREA PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (NAPP) The NAPP supports management to protect, restore and enhance significant natural resources and geological features. Contact the Division of Forestry and Wildlife prior to drafting a pre-proposal by calling (808) 587-4170. Application requirements are listed in Section 13-210-7, Hawaii Administrative Rules. Pre-proposals are due to by October 18, 2021." (SA1341846 9/17/21)
Sep 15REAL PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTIONS If you are not currently receiving a home exemption, you may file a claim for the exemption to reduce the real property assessment on your home. To be eligible, you must occupy your property as your principal home. In order for the exemption to be effective in the next year 2022-2023, the claim must be filed by September 30, 2021. Others who may be eligible for an exemption and are affected by the September 30, 2021 deadline include: Hansen's disease sufferers, totally disabled veterans, property owners who are deaf, blind or totally disabled, nonprofit organizations, low (...)
Sep 8NOTICE OF ABANDONED VEHICLE DISPOSAL PLATE VIN VEHICLE REGISTERED OWNER DT637 / 1HGEM21982L043412 / 2002 HOND CIV, BLK / unknown ; JCT562 / WVWPD63B3XE496492 / 1999 VOLK PAS, LGR / unknown ; JJW368 / JHMCG5667YC008977 / 2000 HOND ACC, WHI / Villanueva, Florante & Thelma ; KAN828 / 1GCDT14X1VK208597 / 1997 CHEV , WHI / PADILLA, MAGDALENA & JAMES D ; KAS228 / YV1LZ5642W2442702 / 1998 VOLV V70, WHI / McKenzie, Carley ; KAT017 / 1GCDM19W3VB210459 / 1997 CHEV , WHI / Cy McElroy ; KAW969 / SALME114X3A123872 / 2003 ROVE HSE, WHI / BOSMA, RYAN E ; KBS034 / (...)
Sep 1NOTICE FOR FILING REAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT COMPLAINTS COUNTY OF KAUAI BOARD OF REVIEW As required by Section 5A-12.7(d) the Kauai County Code 1987, notice is hereby given that any taxpayer may file complaints regarding real property assessments of real property located in the County of Kauai. The complaints are for the purpose of assisting the Board of Review in preparing a report to the mayor and the assessor regarding instances, which in the opinion of the Board, the assessor did not use proper methods in assessing properties not brought before the board of appeal. Since this complaint period is not (...)
Aug 27FOR SALE – ONE MOTORBOAT 1990 32' FERRARI RIVA SPEED BOAT – Minimum bid is $9,000 Arrangements to inspect the vessel may be made by contacting Bob Perkins at University of Hawaii-METC, #10 Sand Island Parkway Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819. Telephone (808) 844-2389 between 8:00 a.m. & 4:00 pm (Hawaii time) Monday through Friday, excluding Hawaii State holidays. Sale of the vessel shall be where is, as is, IN AGGREGATE. Buyer will be responsible for all expenses relating to the packing, pickup, delivery, expense of registration and licensing of the boat. There is no trailer being sold with the boat. Vessel (...)
Aug 25NOTICE OF ABANDONED VEHICLE DISPOSAL PLATE VIN VEHICLE REGISTERED OWNER GSF663 / 1HGCE1821VA007942 / 1997 HOND ACC, SIL / Lincoln Niau ; JGV812 / 3HGCG6651YG707096 / 2000 HOND ACC, WHI / ABAT, TALON K ; KAD185 / 2FAFP74W73X218008 / 2003 FORD CVC, GLD / ABRAHAM, PELIKA P ; KCG825 / JN8AZ08W95W437166 / 2005 NISS , GLD / ISLAND RENTAL CARS HAWAII ; KCZ693 / 1G1ZG57B08F196515 / 2008 CHEV MAL, BLK / Steven O Livingston ; KDU144 / JT3VN39W5S8087564 / 1995 TOYT 4RN, WHI / KOYLE, JOEL LLOYD ; KKY670 / JT3AC12R0P1070684 / 1993 TOYT PRV, WHI / SOUVANA, NATHAN V (...)
Aug 19NOTICE OF DISPOSAL VEHICLE PLATE# VIN# R/0: 99 SUBARU FORESTER MPVH GYX 767 JF1SF6353XH725739 DUARTE, TONI JE 00 TOYOTA CAMRY 4DSD KSN 622 JT2BF22K9Y0240556 ENRIQUES,GREGORY 95 NISSAN MAXIMA 4DSD FYB 401 JN1CA21D5ST605000 JH LSING The above vehicle(s) held by the Kauai Police Department have been released and attempts to contact the owners have been unsuccessful. Notice is given that the stated vehicle(s), including contents, will be disposed of if not removed within five business days. To arrange for removal contact: The Kauai Police Department Attn: Evidence Division 3990 Kaana Street Suite 200 Lihue, HI 96766 Contact: 808-241-1655 or 808-241-1658 or (...)