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Apr 16Published in The Garden Island
(1.) NOTICE OF DISPOSAL VEHICLE PLATE# VIN# R/0: 01 CHEVROLET TRACKER MPVH KYG 821 2CNBJ634916937828 LEE, PUULEI 88 TOYOTA PKUP NONE JT4RN50A0J5155831 TSAI, SHU-LI The above vehicle(s) held by the Kauai Police Department have been released and attempts to contact the owners have been unsuccessful. Notice is given that the stated vehicle(s), including contents, will be disposed of if not removed within five business days. To arrange for removal contact: The Kauai Police Department Attn: Evidence Division 3990 Kaana Street Suite 200 Lihue, HI 96766 Contact: 808-241-1655 or 808-241-1658 or Fax: 808-241-1670 NOTICE OF DISPOSAL TYPE DESCRIPTION: VIN/SERIAL# PLATE# R/0: MOTORCYCLE (...) (End Date: Apr 23) (p1)
Apr 13Published in Hawaii Tribune-Herald
(2.) WATER SHUT-OFF NOTICE AFFECTED AREA: ALL SERVICES ALONG MAMO STREET BETWEEN PUNAHOA STREET AND KAMEHAMEHA AVENUE, INCLUDING ALL CONNECTING SIDE STREETS; SOUTH HILO, HAWAI'I Water will be temporarily turned off in the above-mentioned area on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., to make a main connection. Upon resumption of water service, the waterlines will be flushed and cleaned during which time you may notice turbid and/or discolored water. You may also notice trapped air in your plumbing, which will be released as you initially use water. Affected customers are asked to take any (...) (End Date: Apr 20) (p1)