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Apr 18(11.) BOARD OF NURSING OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS STATE OF HAWAII NOTICE OF HEARING TO: DIANNE C. WILLIAMS, R.N., formerly known as DIANNE C. MCLAMORE: YOU ARE NOTIFIED that the Board of Nursing will conduct a hearing in accordance with Hawaii Revised Statutes (hereinafter "HRS") Chapters 91, 436B, and 457 as well as Hawaii Administrative Rules (hereinafter "HAR") Title 16 Chapter 89 to determine whether or not DIANNE C. WILLIAMS, R.N.'s, formerly known as DIANNE C. MCLAMORE, nursing license should be revoked, suspended, or otherwise disciplined, and, whether monetary fines and any other relief authorized (...) (End Date: May 2) (p2)
Apr 15(12.) BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS NOTICE IS HEARBY GIVEN that the BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY, CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU, will hold a series of PUBLIC HEARINGS where all interested persons shall be afforded the opportunity of being heard on a draft water rate proposal for Fiscal Years 2019-2023. The draft water rate proposal includes schedules of monthly charges, consumption charges, fire meter standby charges, and fee subsidies to support affordable, homeless housing incentives, and fire sprinklers retrofit of existing high-rise residential buildings. The PUBLIC HEARINGS will be held on the following (...) (End Date: Apr 29) (p2)


Apr 25(13.) REQUEST FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS ON DRAFT AIR PERMIT REGULATING THE EMISSIONS OF AIR POLLUTANTS (Docket No. 18-CA-PA-06) Pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Chapter 342B-13 and Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR), Chapter 11-60.1, the Department of Health, State of Hawaii (DOH), is requesting public comments on the following DRAFT PERMIT presently under review for: Covered Source Permit (CSP) No. 0036-01-CT Minor Modification Application No. 0036-08 and Renewal Application No. 0036-09 Grace Pacific LLC 186 TPH Asphalt Plant Located At: Various Temporary Sites, State of Hawaii Current Location: 1000 Halewili Road, Eleele, Kauai The DRAFT PERMIT is described as follows: The renewal (...) (End Date: May 2) (p2)
Apr 25(14.) PUBLIC NOTICE DEPARTMENT OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS HAWAIIAN HOMES COMMISSION STATE OF HAWAII TO BERT W. L. OLEOLE JR., VERNELLE A. OLEOLE, BRET M. K. OLEOLE, BART M. K. OLEOLE YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that THE HAWAIIAN HOMES COMMISSION has scheduled a Contested Case Hearing pursuant to Chapter 91, HRS, regarding your alleged failure to repay Contract of Loan No. 19069, for Residential Lease No. 626, Lot No. 28, situate at 445 Iaukea Street, Papakolea, O?ahu, Hawaii, having a TMK: (1) 2-2-015:060, in violation of §§ 210 and 216 of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. TO THELMA K. K. MEDEIROS (...) (End Date: May 9) (p2)
Apr 21(15.) NOTICE The following Ordinances passed Final Reading at the meeting held by the Council of the City and County of Honolulu on March 28, 2018 and were subsequently approved by the Mayor: Ordinance 18-10 [Bill 58 (2017), CD2] – Establishing an affordable housing requirement. 8 AYES: Elefante, Fukunaga, Kobayashi, Manahan, Martin, Menor, Ozawa, Pine. 1 ABSENT: Anderson. Ordinance 18-11 [Bill 76 (2017)] – To rezone land situated at Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii. 8 AYES: Elefante, Fukunaga, Kobayashi, Manahan, Martin, Menor, Ozawa, Pine. 1 ABSENT: Anderson. Ordinance18-12 [Bill 92 (2017), CD1] – To rezone land situated at Maunawili, Oahu, Hawaii. 8 AYES: (...) (End Date: Apr 28) (p2)
Apr 20(16.) PUBLIC NOTICE DOCKET NO. R11-200-05-18 HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH The State of Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) will hold public hearings for the proposed repeal of Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Title 11 Chapter 200, "Environmental Impact Statement Rules" and adoption of Chapter 200.1, "Environmental Impact Statement Rules". The proposed repeal and adoption will update and substantially revise rules regarding the system of environmental review at the state and county levels which shall ensure that environmental, economic, and technical concerns are given appropriate consideration in decision making in accordance with Chapter 343, Hawaii Revised Statutes. The purpose of this rule is (...) (End Date: Apr 27) (p2)


Apr 22(17.) CRIMINAL JUSTICE PLANNING SPECIALIST Exempt from civil service, temporary, full-time. Hawaii State Government Benefits. Description: Contract management of federal and state crime grant programs; development of comprehensive criminal justice plans; liaison between federal, state, county, and non-governmental agencies involved in the criminal justice system. Requirements: Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college. Three years paid experience in human service or criminal justice programs with experience in at least two of the following areas: program/project administration, program development or planning (needs assessment, problem identification, analysis, recommendations), grant management. Computer competency; good analytical, writing, organization, communication, and people skills required. Your (...) (End Date: May 6) (p2)


Apr 5(18.) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT STATE OF HAWAII SUMMONS STATE OF HAWAII TO: Respondent ROSE DRADI YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection ("OCP") has been granted leave to intervene and name you as a Respondent in Civil No. 15-1-0371-03, in the Circuit Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii, wherein OCP has alleged that your representation of homeowners Tala Raymond Fonoti and Willadean Lehuanani Grace, and your representation of other distressed property owners like them, violates Hawaii Revised Statutes ("HRS") Chapter 480E, and constitutes unfair or deceptive acts or (...) (End Date: May 3) (p2)
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