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Notice #: 0001454691-01
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The Hawaii State Department of Transportation (HDOT) is proposing to remove and replace substandard guardrail and end treatments with new guardrail and end treatments on the Moanalua Freeway, Interstate Route H-201: Westbound Fort Shafter On-Ramp (Approximately MP 3.22 to MP 3.29), Pali Highway, Route 61 (Approximately MP 8.68 to MP 8.69), Kamehameha Highway, Route 83 (Approximately MP 20.46 to MP 20.47), Kamehameha Highway, Route 83 (Approximately MP 24.48 to MP 24.51), Kamehameha Highway, Route 83 (Approximately MP 35.67 to MP 35.70), and Nimitz Highway, Route 92, (Approximately MP 0.35 to MP 0.36) on the island of Oahu. The scope of work consists of the removal of substandard guardrail and end treatments to be replaced with new guardrail and end treatments that meet current safety standards. The project is anticipated to begin construction in May 2024 and continue through November 2024.

Normal work hours are between the hours of 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, and 9:00am to 6:00pm on Saturdays. The project is proposing to obtain a Community Noise Variance for work hours outside of normal hours (i.e., night and weekend hours). This would allow the project to potentially work during the hours of 6:00pm to 7:00am Monday through Friday, from 6:00pm Friday to 9:00am on Saturday, and from 6:00pm on Saturday to 7:00am on Monday, and anytime on holidays. However, nighttime construction will be avoided during the seabird fledging period, September 15 to December 15, to avoid or minimize effects to Hawaiian seabirds. HDOT and its Contractor will make every effort to minimize the times, duration, and intensity of equipment use to minimize noise impacts to the community.

This notice is being provided in accordance with the Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR 11-46-8). HDOT field personnel and the Contractor will monitor all equipment and construction activities on the active job site to ensure the use of appropriate noise abatement measures.

Please direct any comments or concerns regarding potential noise emissions to the HDOT Project Manager, Mrs. Jennifer Russell, at (808) 692-7572 or by email at within 30 days after the advertising date of this notice.
(SA1454691 5/13/24)