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Planning Dept. Applications Accepted Feb. 2024

In accordance with Section 25-2-3(g) Division 1, Article 2 of Chapter 25 (Zoning) of the Hawai’i County Code, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been submitted.


1. *County Council Initiated (PL-CCI-2024-003) Amendment to Ch. 25, Art. 1, 4, and 5 of the HI County Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as Amended) Relating to Transient Accommodation Rentals and Hosting Platforms.
2. *County Council Initiated (PL-CCI-2024-004)
Amendment to Ch. 25 and Ch. 14, Art. 4, Sec. 14-20 of the HI County Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as Amended) Relating to the Repeal of B&B as a Permitted Use.
3. *County Council Initiated (PL-CCI-2024-005) Amendment to Ch. 19, Art. 1 & 13, Ch. 23, Art. 9 and Ch. 25, Art. 2, 5, & 6 of the HI County Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as Amended) Relating to Ohana Dwelling Units.
4. *Garvin & Laura Goode (PL-SPP-2024-064) Amendment to SPP-13-151 to Convert a 3-Bedroom B&B into a 7-Bedroom Inn on 2.323 acs. at 27-2365 HI Belt Rd., Aleamai, S. Hilo, TMK: 2-7-008:130.
5. *Jeremy Graham/Calcam Investments, LLC (PL-SMA-2024-047) Construct a Single-Family Dwelling, In-Ground Pool, Water Well, Septic System & Other Related Development on 0.55 ac. at Paradise Ala Kai Dr., Puna, TMK: 1-5-059:049.
6. *Makua Lani Christian Academy (formerly Kona Christian Academy) (PL-SPP-2023-060) Amendment to Special Permit No. 549 to Add the Adjacent Property Identified as TMK (3) 7-4-006:046 for Educational Use & Increase the Number of Students Listed on SPP 549 from 180 to 210 Students Between the Two (2) Parcels on 1.916 acs. at 74-4907 Palani Rd. & 74-4889 Palani Rd., N. Kona, TMK: 7-4-006:037 & 046.
7. *Scott McIntyre & Rebecca McIntyre (PL-SMA-2024-049) Construct a Single-Family Dwelling & Related Development on 9,000 sf. at 35-2084 Hula’ana Place, N. Hilo, TMK: 3-5-010:005.
8. *Scott Grainger/Puako136, LLC (PL-SMA-2024-051) Demolish Existing Single-Family Dwelling & Construct a New SFD with Detached Garage, Pool, Lanai & Related Improvements on 14,000 sf. at 69-1918 Puako Beach Dr., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-9-006:016.
9. *Ackerman Ranch, Inc. (PL-SPP-2023-056) Establish and Operate an Event Venue to Host Weddings and Other Similar Gatherings on a 4-Acre Portion of a 195.91-Acre Land Area at 79-7540 H Mamalahoa Hwy., N. Kona, TMK: 7-9-012:004 (por.) and 031 (por.).
10. *Stephen & Susan Shevlin (PL-SMA-2024-052) Construct a New Single-Family Residence, 3-Car Garage, Detached Bedroom, Pool, and Related Improvements on 1.977 acs. 1,500 ft. North of Hakalau Bay on the Makai Side of HI Belt Rd., N. Hilo, TMK: 3-1-001:049.
11. *Patricia Sather & Stephen Else (PL-SMA-2024-048) Construct a Single-Family Dwelling and Related Development on 0.72 acs. at 15-1859 Beach Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-5-032:049.
12. *Mathew Dietrich, Steven Dietrich & Jane Dietrich (PL-SPP-2023-052) Allow a 3-Bedroom B&B Establishment and to Legitimize an Existing Campground on 1 Acre at 28-1435 Old Mamalahoa Hwy., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-8-012:022.


1. *Jacqueline M. Awa (PL-AFD-2024-074) on 3.67 acs. at 75-5273 Mamalahoa Hwy., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-001:012.
2. *Austin Bloch & Kiana Soloria (PL-AFD-2024-075) on 1 acs. at 15-1401 17th Ave., Puna, TMK: 1-5-044:060.


1. *Christopher Sparber P.E./CoH-Dept. of Environmental Management (PL-PLA-2024-279) Rehabilitation of Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant on 8.016 acs. at 73-4180 Ulu Wini Pl., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-009:055.
2. *Hawai’i State Library System/SoH (PL-PLA-2024-280) Kea’au Mountain View Public Library on 1.7 acs. at 16-565 Kea’au-Pahoa Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-6002:001.
3. *Zoom Properties, LLC (PL-PLA-2024-282) Multiple Offices on 0.565 acs. at 16-389 Ulupono St., Puna, TMK: 1-6-152:003.
4. *Renegade Towers, LLC (PL-PLA-2024-283) Telecom. Facility on 1.015 acs. at 92-8627 Paradise Circle Makai, Ka’u, TMK: 9-2-101:071.


1. *Mahalo Mau Loa, LLC (PL-SAA-2024-212) After-the-Fact Interior Alterations & Exterior Lanai Additions to Existing SFD on 14,761 sf. at 69-1886 Puako Beach Dr., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-9-006:024.
2. *State of HI (PL-SAA-2024-213) Improvements to Intersection of Bayfront Hwy. (Rte. 19) & Waianuenue Ave. on 12,284 sf. & 3.014 acs. at 145 Kamehameha Ave., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-3-003:003 & 2-3-002:022.
Maps/documents are on file & open for inspection during office hours 7:45am-4:30pm at the HI County Planning Dept, 101 Pauahi St, Ste 3, Hilo, or 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy, Bldg E, 2nd Floor, Kailua-Kona.
By: ZENDO KERN, Planning Director

HI County is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer

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