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Planning Dept. Applications Accepted Sep. 2022

In accordance with Section 25-2-3(g) Division 1, Article 2 of Chapter 25 (Zoning) of the Hawai’i County Code, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been submitted.


1. *County Council Initiated Bill No. 194 (PL-CCI-2022-002) Amendment to Chapter 25, Article 2, Division 4, Section 25-2-44 of HCC 1983 (2016 Edition, as Amended), Related to Conditions on Change of Zone.
2. *Robert J. Silber/Robert Jerome Silber (PL-SPP-2022-016) To Legitimize the Operation of a Holistic Education Center on 8.134 acs. at 13-2060 Lolia Pl., Puna, TMK: 1-3-002:140.
3. *Shaleen Curlee/Shaleen Mary Curlee (PL-SPP-2022-023) Amendment to SPP 1139 for an Additional 10-Year Time Extension to Operate an Auto Repair Shop on 1 ac. at 15-1505 Paradise Dr., Puna, TMK:
4. *Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA)/Edmund C. Olson TR. #2 (PL-SPP-2022-025) To Allow for the Temporary Operation of an Array of Satellite Dishes to Conduct Research on Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) on 2 acs. (por. of 10.7 acs. parcel) off Wood Valley Rd., Ka’u, TMK: 9-6-011:007.
5. *Orchidland Neighbors/Orchidland Neighbors (PL-SPP-2022-013) To Allow a Multi-Purpose Community Center Complex on 4 acs. at 16-1661 36th Ave., Puna, TMK: 1-6-010:005.
6. *Carl & Christine Carlson/Carl A. Carlson Jr. & Christine E. Carlson (PL-SPP-2022-024) To Allow a One-Bedroom Bed & Breakfast Establishment Within an Existing Dwelling on 2.832 acs. at 72-4857 Ho’omalie Pl., N. Kona, TMK: 7-2-004:027.
7. *Charles & Ann Stevenson & John Fumo/Charles E. Stevenson, Ann A. Stevenson & John P. Fumo
(PL-REZ-2022-035) Change of Zone from Agricultural (A-20a) to Agricultural (A-10a) on 22.665 acs. at
73-4375 Haleamau St., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-027:003.


1. *Robert Michael Medeiros/Robert Michael Medeiros (PL-AFD-2022-027) on 3.3600 acs., at 2035 Aina’ola Dr., S. Hilo, TMK #2-4-007:075.
2. *Barry M. Smith, TTEE & Julia P. Smith TTEE/Barry & Julia Smith Family Trust (PL-AFD-2022-036) on 214.3050 acs., at 27-570 Onohi Loop, S. Hilo, TMK:
3. *Kelly R. Jarneski/Kelly R. Jarneski & Joanne M.K. Trust (PL-AFD-2022-038) on 21.7230 acs., at 219 Akolea Rd., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-5-047:013.


1. *Donna Maxine Y. Malson/Donna Maxine Y. Malson TTEE (PL-OHD-2022-008) on 0.3472 acs., at 26 Kupa’a St., S. Hilo, (TMK: 2-4-021:070).
2. *Dayne Takeshi Tamanaha/Tamanaha Family Joint Trust (PL-OHD-2022-009) on 11,066 sf., at 643 Kalanikoa St., S. Hilo, (TMK: 2-2-037:153).


1. *Maui Varieties Investment, Inc./State of Hawai’i DLNR (PL-PLA-2022-000120) Sports Equipment Whse/Showroom on 2.1653 acs., at 845 Kanoelehua Ave., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-2-058:014.
2. *T-Mobile/Sure Foundation (PL-PLA-2022-133) Addition of Emergency Generator on 3.7730 acs., at 16-1592 Pohaku Cir., Puna, TMK: 1-6-010-111.
3. *Aguinaldo 4 LLC/Aguinaldo 4 LLC (PL-PLA-2022-136) New Commercial Complex on 1.5450 acs., at 15-3070 Pahoa-Kapoho Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-5-003:037.
4. *Taylor Family Ltd. Partnership/Taylor Family Ltd. Partnership (PL-PLA-2022-137) Modify Existing Tenant Area & Parking Lot on 3.4510 acs., at 74-5035 Queen Ka’ahumanu Hwy., N. Kona, TMK: 7-4-008:055.
5.*Lawton Allenby/Kona Hills LLC (PL-PLA-2022-141) Coffee Mill/Food Processing Facility on 49.1220 acs., at 75-5701 Mamalahoa Hwy., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-014:003.


1. *Alia Legaux/Alia Legaux (PL-SAA-2022-078) Construct a Single-Family Dwelling on 8,000 sf. at
88-153 Kai Ave., S. Kona, TMK: 8-8-005:091.
2. *Puna Plantation Hawai’i, Ltd./K. Taniguchi Ltd. (PL-SAA-2022-093) Installation of Steel Pipe Barrier Around KTA Downtown on approx. 1.3 acs. at
39 Furneaux Ln., 0.85 acs., at 321 Keawe St., & 0.22 acs. at Punahoa St., Hilo, TMK: 2-3-008:005, 006, 033 & 034.
3. *Ashley Michaud/Ashley E. Michaud & Kanako K. Spendlove (PL-SAA-2022-095) Basic Land Management Approved by State DLNR-OCCL on 41,988 sf. at Kapoho Kalapana Rd. Between Kamaili Rd. & Puakenikeni Pl., Puna, TMK: 1-3-004:006.
4. *Kelly Hudik/HKK Hawai’i, LLC (PL-SAA-2022-097) Amendment to SMA Minor Permit No. SMM-19-422 to Allow for More Support Tents at IRONMAN on 0.4790 acs. & 4.366 acs. at King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel Parking Lot, N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-005:066 & 062.
5. *James M. McKeague/James Masaaki McKeague Trust (PL-SAA-2022-098) To Permit an “As-Built” Storage Shed 5-ft. within 30-ft. Side Yard Setback on 14,000 sf. at 31 Kioea St., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-1-017:037.
6. *Jennifer Tom/B. P. Bishop Estate (PL-SAA-2022-099) Land Clearing & Removal of Assorted Vegetation Using Hand Tools on 2.77 acs. of 78-7127 Kaleiopapa St., N. Kona, TMK: 7-8-010:044 (por.).
7. *Lilikoi Farm Trust/Lilikoi Farm Trust (PL-SAA-2022-100) Grubbing, Grading & Installation of Fence to Allow for Animal Grazing & Other Agricultural Pursuits on 24.27 acs. off of Kapanaia Rd., N. Kohala, TMK: 5-3-007:041.
8. *Manu Powers/B. P. Bishop Estate (PL-SAA-2022-101) Install Gate, Fencing & Security Cameras, Maintain Existing Parking Lots & Remove Overgrown Vegetation on 25.239 acs. at 78-7127 Kaleiopapa St., N. Kona, TMK: 7-8-010:044.
9. *Kurt M. Klimt/Malino Ke Kai Properties, LLC (PL-SAA-2022-102) Construct Single-Family Dwelling on 20,190 sf. at 59-111 Pakuikui Pl., N. Kohala, TMK:
10. *Blake McNaughton/B. P. Bishop Estate (PL-SAA-2022-103) Installation of Gate and Related Improvements on 192.9 acs. at Haubush Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-4-003:013.
11. *Douglas Kerr/Douglas B. Kerr & Barbara I. Gleason (PL-SAA-2022-104) Construct Single-Family Dwelling on 21,344 sf. at 15-853 Paradise Ala Kai Dr., Puna, TMK: 1-5-058:053.
12. *Cruz Architecture+Design/Trivandrum & Tejovathi Sundaresan TR. (PL-SAA-2022-106) Construct Single-Family Dwelling on 21,344 sf. at Paradise Ala Kai Dr., Puna, TMK: 1-5-059:061.
13. *Commercial Development/Ali’i Cove (PL-SAA-2022-107) Install Roof-Mounted PV System & Related Improvements on 18.925 acs. at 75-5919 Ali’i Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-018:008.
14. *Aulani Freitas/Hokukano Ranch Inc. (PL-SAA-2022-108) Trade Winds Productions & Filming of T.V. Show on 39,030 sf. at 78-133 Ehukai St., N. Kona, TMK: 7-8-012:002.
15. *Aulani Freitas/Mark D. Trivett (PL-SAA-2022-109) Trade Winds Productions & Filming of T.V. Show on 15,649 sf. at 75-5432 Kona Bay Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-005:096.
16. *Tina Vincent/Two Little Sharks Investment Group, LLC (PL-SAA-2022-110) Improvements to Existing Single-Family Dwelling on 20,909 sf. at 15-893 Paradise Ala Kai Dr., Puna, TMK: 1-5-058:042.
17. *Jason Knable/Stephen D. Winter TR., Cheryl A. Winter TR. (PL-SAA-2022-111) Installation of Fencing & Removal of Invasive Species on 15.591 acs. & 14.574 acs., at 45-5034 Nanaina Kai Rd., Hamakua, TMK: 4-5-002:080 & 016.
18. *Nicholson, LLC/Ballenita TR. (PL-SAA-2022-112) Construct Single-Family Dwelling & Related Improvements on 6.967 acs. at 82-5879 Old. Gov’t. Main Rd., S. Kona, TMK: 8-2-008:039.
19. *Lora & David Mallen/Charles A. Stewart (PL-SAA-2022-113) After-the-Fact Additions to Existing Single-Family Dwelling on 12,632 sf. at 15-1096 Ala Heiau Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-5-031:048.
20. *Kala Crowell/County of Hawai’i (PL-SAA-2022-114) Camera Test Involving Light Study of the Area on 2.971 acs. at Pahoa-Kalapana Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-2-003:001.
21. *Glenn Beadles/Hokukano Ranch Inc., Kim H. Bryant, Monica A. Bryant, & Mark D. Trivett (PL-SAA-2022-115) Temporary Use of Property to Film T.V. Program on 39,030 sf. at 78-133 Ehukai St., 41,873 sf. at 78-131-A Ehukai St., & 15,649 sf. at 75-5432 Kona Bay Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-8-012:002 & 001, & 7-5-005:096.
Maps/documents are on file & open for inspection during office hours 7:45am-4:30pm at the HI County Planning Dept, 101 Pauahi St, Ste 3, Hilo, or 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy, Bldg E, 2nd Floor, Kailua-Kona.
By: ZENDO KERN, Planning Director
HI County is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer
(HTH/WHT1389689 10/11/22)