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Public Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE – COUNTY OF HAWAI’I Planning Dept. Applications Accepted Mar. 2022 In accordance with Section 25-2-3(g) Division 1, Article 2 of Chapter 25 (Zoning) of the Hawai’i County Code, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been submitted. *Applicant/Landowner WINDWARD/LEEWARD PLANNING COMMISSIONS 1. *Stephanie Bath/Roy D. Bath & Stephanie Bath (PL-SPP-2022-010) To Allow a Home Occupation for Massage Therapy Establishment on 3.0 acs. at 16-2059 Moho Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-6-045:007. 2. *Council Chair Maile David, County Council Initiated (PL-CCI-2022-001) Bill 120, an Ordinance Amending Chapter 24, Article 8, and Chapter 25, Article 1, Article 4, Division 5 of Hawai’i County Code 1983 (2016 Edition, as Amended), Relating to Providing, Maintaining, and Dedicating Parking Spaces and Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles. 3. *Amy Hagen-Cowell Trust/Amy Hagen-Cowell Trust (PL-SLU-2022-004) State Land Use Boundary Amendment from Agricultural to Urban on 6.8750 acs. at 81-6280 Mamalahoa Hwy., S. Kona, TMK: 8-1-008:004. 4. *Amy Hagen-Cowell Trust/Amy Hagen-Cowell Trust (PL-REZ-2022-019) Change of Zone from Agricultural (A-1a) to Single-Family Residential (RS-10) on 6.8750 acs. at 81-6280 Mamalahoa Hwy., S. Kona, TMK: 8-1-008:004. 5. *Yamada & Sons, Inc./State of Hawai’i (PL-SPP-2022-012) To Establish a Quarry & Related Activities on 37.882 acs. at 150 Kekuanao’a Pl., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-1-013:002 (por.). 6. *RJL, LLC/RJL, LLC (PL-REZ-2022-020) Change of Zone from Agricultural (A-3a) to Single-Family Residential (RS-15) on 13.838 acs. at Waiakea Homesteads 2nd Series, Ainaola Dr., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-4-039:025. ADDITIONAL FARM DWELLING AGREEMENT 1. *Richard Hellmund & Charmaine Hellmund/Richard Anthony Hellmund & Charmaine Marie Banther Hellmund (FDA-20-481) on 2.9460 acs. at 28-3254 Beach Rd., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-8-008:044. 2. *Xiangdong Guo/Xiangdong Guo (FDA-21-495) on 15.178 acs. at 27-629 Old Onomea Rd., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-7-010:006. 3. *Carol Fields/George W. & Carol M. Fields Trust (PL-AFD-2021-009) on 3.1710 acs. at 73-1368 A Kahualani Pl., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-024:037. 4. *Sally A. Kimura/Craig C. Kimura, Sally A. Kimura (PL-AFD-2022-023) on 3.0680 acs. at 64-5463 Mana Rd., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-4-001:126. ‘OHANA DWELLING UNIT 1. *Kathrin G. Kohler, TTEE/Kohler Trust (PL-OHD-2022-006) on 1.2626 acs. at 65-1272 Opelo Rd., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-5-007:033. PLAN APPROVAL 1. *Hualalai Investors, LLC/Kamehameha Schools (PL-PLA-2022-092) Drilling Pad for Ka’upulehu Well No. 7 on 7.486 acs. at Ka’upulehu Dr. and Queen Ka’ahumanu Hwy., N. Kona, TMK: 7-2-003:003. 2. *William McCowatt/Sarah L. Akona Partnership, Kona Square Assoc., (PL-PLA-2022-095) Improvements to Unit #1104, Change Retail to Spinners Daiquiri Bar with Added Outdoor Café Seating, on .547 acs. at 75-5669 Ali’i Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-006:025. 3. *Blue Ocean Barns, Inc./State of HI Natural Energy Laboratory of HI Authority (PL-PLA-2022-096) Algae Farm & Processing Facility on 10 acs. at 73-280 Makako Bay Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-043:077. 4. *Stacy Ojano, Christopher Green/Hilo Christian Broadcasting Company (PL-PLA-2022-097) New Warehouse Bldg. on 1.6802 acs. at 16-208 Mikahala St., Puna, TMK: 1-6-148:035. 5. *BMBN Hawai’i LP/BMBN Hawai’i LP (PL-PLA-2022-098) 3 Unit Apartment Complex on 13,110 sf. at 270 Haili St., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-3-016:004. 6. *Terri Clifford Design Partnership Inc./County of HI (PL-PLA-2022-100) 140-Unit Affordable Multiple Family Residential Community on 10.324 acs. at corner of Kamakoa Dr. & Iwikuamo’o Dr., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-8-042:022. SMA ASSESSMENT 1. *Hawai’i Water Service/County of HI, Keauhou Resort, Kamehameha Investment Group, State of HI, BP Bishop Estate (PL-SAA-2022-061) Keauhou Sewer Line Project on 0.256 acs., 4.92 acs., 871 sf., 0.44 acs., 25.24 acs., 0.12 acs., and 0.37 acs. at 78-7039 Kamehameha III Rd., N. Kona, TMKs: 7-8-010:071 & 033, 7-8-012:054 & 008, 7-8-010:044, 7-8-012:101 & 048. 2. *Kevin & Monica Barry/Barry Family Trust (PL-SAA-2022-062) New Farm Dwelling and Accessory Ag. Uses on 0.51 acs. at Paradise Ala Kai Dr., HPP, Puna, TMK: 1-5-059:059. 3. *Nicole Leigh-Anne Vergara/Nicole Leigh-Anne Vergara (PL-SAA-2022-063) New Single-Family Dwelling and Related Improvements on 7,775 sf. at 23 Lihikai Rd., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-1-014:053. 4. *George Van Houten IV/George Van Houten IV (PL-SAA-2022-064) Repair & Restoration of Dwelling, PV, IWS & Rock Walls on 11,460 sf. at 88-127 Kai Ave., S. Kona, TMK: 8-8-005:102. 5. *12th & “A” Hotel Partners, LP/12th & “A” Hotel Partners, LP (PL-SAA-2022-065) Repairs & Upgrades at Kona Bay Hotel on 2.06 acs. at 75-5739 Ali’i Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-007:004. 6. *COH Parks & Rec./County of HI (PL-SAA-2022-066) Removal of Rock Wall on 7,648 sf. at 78-6676 Ali’i Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-8-014:004. 7. *Bahman Sadeghi, Meadow Gold Dairies/ Hualua Farm, LLC & State of HI (PL-SAA-2022-067) Grazing & Forage Production for Hualua Farm on 331.75 acs., 40.57 acs. & 124.76 acs. at Kawaihae-Mahukona Rd., N. Kohala, TMKs: 5-5-007:010, 005 and 039. 8. *Trivandrum Sundaresan/Unknown (PL-SAA-2022-068) New Single-Family Dwelling and Related Improvements on 21,344 sf. at Paradise Ala Kai Dr., HPP, Puna, TMK: 1-5-059:061. 9. *Dennis Henningsen/Dennis & Gina Henningsen (PL-SAA-2022-069) New Single-Family Dwelling & Related Improvements on 0.56 acs. at 15-1003 Kupaoa Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-5-060:073. 10. *Aloha Kou, LLC/Aloha Kou, LLC (PL-SAA-2022-070) Tree Removal, Grubbing & Grading on 1.49 acs., 0.23 acs., and 0.24 acs. at 50 Pu’u’eo St., 28 Kou Ln. & 44 Kou Ln., S. Hilo, TMKs: 2-6-002:001, 002 & 003. Maps/documents are on file & open for inspection during office hours 7:45am-4:30pm at the HI County Planning Dept, 101 Pauahi St, Ste 3, Hilo, or 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy, Bldg E, 2nd Floor, Kailua-Kona. By: ZENDO KERN, Planning Director HI County is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer (HTH/WHT1367412 4/11/22)