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Notice #: 0001357571-01
Legal Notices

NOTICE OF DISPOSAL VEHICLE PLATE# VIN# R/0: 05 AUDI A6 4DSD DY641 WAUDT74F25N051409 LAWHEAD,KAMERON W. 06 NISSAN 350Z 2DSD RZX 209 JN1AZ36A56M453305 LAWHEAD,KAMERON W. 96 HONDA CIVIC 4DSD KSX 420 1HGEJ6624TL022621 CHRISTIAN,MARK 03 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER MPVH KWY 443 1GNET16S036149657 DELACRUZ,ROBERT 01 HONDA CIVIC 4DSD KBV 805 JHMES16521S000885 BRYAN,TRACYLYN L. 07 DODGE DAKOTA PKUP KZE 948 1D7HW48P37S206024 TORIBIO,DEVIN The above vehicle(s) held by the Kauai Police Department have been released and attempts to contact the owners have been unsuccessful. Notice is given that the stated vehicle(s), including contents, will be disposed of if not removed within five business days. To arrange for removal contact: The Kauai Police Department Attn: Evidence Division 3990 Kaana Street Suite 200 Lihue, HI 96766 Contact: 808-241-1655 or 808-241-1658 or Fax: 808-241-1670 (TGI1357571 1/19/22)