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Docket No. 2021-0063

The STATE OF HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION ("Commission"), pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes §§ 269-12 and 269-16, HEREBY GIVES NOTICE that it will hold a virtual public hearing relating to the Application (“Application”) of Hawaii-American Water Company (“HAWC”), filed on August 18, 2021, for Commission approval of a general rate increase. The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 5:30 p.m. All interested parties may attend the meeting as follows:

Online (via web browser or WebEx mobile device app)

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Meeting Number: 2551 909 8846

Meeting Password: MfPvj42SP3N


Dial-in Number: 1-408-418-9388

Access code: 2551 909 8846

HAWC is a public utility that provides wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal services to the residents, condominiums, and commercial establishments in the Hawaii Kai community on the island of Oahu. HAWC proposes to increase its annual revenue by $2,111,230 (approximately 21.05% above revenue at current rates), pursuant to the following increases in rates:


Residential Customers Current Rate Proposed Rate Increase Increase
(Monthly (Monthly $ %
Charge per Charge per
Dwelling Unit) Dwelling Unit)

Single-Family $67.08 $81.29 $14.21 21.18%
Residential Unit

Multi-Family Residential $57.08 $69.17 $12.09 21.18%

Commercial Current Rate Proposed Rate Increase Increase
(Non-Residential) Units: $ %

Food Service Operation $16.08 per $19.49 per 1,000 $3.41 21.21%
1,000 gallons gallons of
of water used water used

Non-Food Service $9.87 per $11.96 per 1,000 $2.09 21.18%
Operation 1,000 gallons gallons of
of water used water used

Public Authority- Other $9.87 per $11.96 per 1,000 $2.09 21.18%
1,000 gallons gallons of
of water used water used

Public Authority- Dwelling $3.73 per $4.52 per $0.79 21.18%
1,000 gallons 1,000 gallons
of wastewater of wastewater
treated treated

The requested increase is based on an estimated total revenue requirement of $12,139,430 for the January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 test year (“Test Year”), and an 8.05% rate of return on HAWC’s average Test Year rate base of $40,188,790.
As part of its Application, HAWC also requests the Commission approve certain revisions or modifications to its Rules and Regulations, as set forth in HAWC Tariff No. 1, which include the following:
1. Amending and replacing Revised Sheet 1A to reflect updated definitions to the terms “Building sewer”/”building sewer” and “Service Connection”/”service connection” in light of the proposed changes to Rule V Connections and Cut-Offs.
2. Amending and replacing Revised Sheets 5 and 6 to reflect changes to Rule V Connections and Cut-Offs to more clearly delineate the customer’s responsibility for the building sewer (including to install and maintain a readily accessible sewer clean out) and HAWC’s responsibility for the service connection and its sewer lines (i.e., referred to in HAWC Tariff No. 1 as the “Company’s sewer”).
3. Inserting a new Original Sheet 15C to add a new Rule XVII for an Automatic Power Cost Adjustment Clause to address power cost recovery.
4. Amending and replacing Sheet 18 with a revised Schedule of Wastewater Rates for residential, commercial and public authority customers to reflect the rates and rate structure proposed by HAWC in this proceeding to reflect HAWC’s requested revenue requirement.
5. Inserting a new Original Exhibit A to include a service area map to clarify and depict Applicant’s authorized service area.
The Commission will investigate whether HAWC’s proposed relief is just and reasonable.
The foregoing is a brief summary of the requests included in the Application. Copies of the Application are available for public review through the Commission’s electronic Document Management System, accessible at Docket Quick Link 2021-0063. In addition, copies of the Application are also available for review by contacting the Commission’s Honolulu Office [(808) 586-2020], or the Division of Consumer Advocacy [(808) 586-2800]. Any person may request an auxiliary aid or service or an accommodation due to a disability by contacting the Commission no later than 5 business days prior to the hearing date.
All interested persons are invited to attend the public hearing to state their views on the Application. Statements may also be e-mailed to the Public Utilities Commission, at All written statements should reference Docket No. 2021-0063.
Motions to Intervene or Participate in this proceeding shall comply with subchapter 4, Rules of Practice and Procedure Before the Public Utilities Commission, Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 16, Chapter 601. A motion to intervene or participate in this proceeding shall be filed with the Commission’s Honolulu Office by November 29, 2021.

James P. Griffin
(SA1347001 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16/21)