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Notice #: 0001339104-01
Legal Notices

NOTICE FOR FILING REAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT COMPLAINTS COUNTY OF KAUAI BOARD OF REVIEW As required by Section 5A-12.7(d) the Kauai County Code 1987, notice is hereby given that any taxpayer may file complaints regarding real property assessments of real property located in the County of Kauai. The complaints are for the purpose of assisting the Board of Review in preparing a report to the mayor and the assessor regarding instances, which in the opinion of the Board, the assessor did not use proper methods in assessing properties not brought before the board of appeal. Since this complaint period is not for appealing assessments but only for filing complaints, the board cannot change any 2021 Assessments. Each complaint shall identify the property involved in writing to state the valuation claimed by the owner and the grounds of objection to the assessment. Complaints shall be filed only during the period from September 1 to 10, 2021, with the Director of Finance at the Real Property Division, 4444 Rice Street, Suite A-454, Lihue, HI 96766. Taxpayer’s Notice of Complaint (RP Form P-70) is available at (TGI1339104 9/1/21)