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Notice #: 0001335875-01

Ordinances 21-49 I hereby certify that the following bill passed second and final reading at the meeting of the Hawai’i County Council on July 7, 2021, by vote as listed below: Ordinance 21-49 (Bill 34): An Ordinance amending Section 25-8-33 (City of Hilo Zone Map), Article 8, Chapter 25 (Zoning Code) of the Hawai’i County Code 1983 (2016 edition, as amended), by changing the district classification from Open to Industrial Commercial Mixed 20,000 square feet (MCX-20) at Piopio, Waiakea, Hawai’i, covered by Tax Map Key: 2-2-001:008, 017, 018, 019, 024, 030, and 034. AYES: Council Members Inaba, Kierkiewicz, Kimball, Richards, Villegas, and Chair David 6. NOES: Council Member Kaneali’i-Kleinfelder 1 ABSENT: Council Members Chung and Lee Loy 2. EXCUSED: None. Jon Henricks COUNTY CLERK Hawai’i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer (HTH1335875 8/6/21)