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Public Hearings

OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS STATE OF HAWAII In the Matter of the Petition | PTP-2021-001 | HPBS, INC., | NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND | CONTESTED CASE HEARING Petitioner, | | Administrative Hearings Officer: | Denise P. Balanay ______________________________ | NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND CONTESTED CASE HEARING On May 12, 2021, HPBS, INC. (“Petitioner”) filed a Petition for review and approval of Central Scheduling System (“CSS”) charge increase and revised CSS schedule with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, State of Hawai’i (“DCCA”), Case No. PTP-2021-001. Petitioner has proposed the following changes to the Hawai’i State Pilotage Rates, Fees and Charges: 1. CSS Charge: In addition to the base fee, a charge to fund the for all vessel movements. This CSS charge shall be $641.26 for Honolulu Harbor and $1,068.76 for KBPH and Neighbor Island Ports. 2. Any vessel whose length is 900 feet or greater or whose beam is 110 feel or greater shall be assessed $225.00 in addition to the appropriate CSS charge. 3. On January 1, 2023, January 1, 2024 and on January 1, 2025, the CSS charge will increase by three percent (3%) from the amounts that are in effect on December 31, of the previous year. Pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapters 91 and 462A and Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 96, a public hearing in this case has been scheduled for: Date: July 14, 2021 Time: 10:00 a.m. Place: MCCP Room Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs 335 Merchant Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 (adjacent to the U.S. Post Office) Please inquire at the Office of Administrative Hearings, Room 100 for directions to the MCCP Room. Interested persons may submit data, views, or arguments in favor of or against the proposed changes, either orally or in writing, at the public hearing, or comments may be filed with the Director of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs until July 7, 2021. Documents may be filed by mail to the OAH, 335 Merchant Street, Room 100, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 or by email at Copies of the Petition will be made available upon request to the OAH. Any questions may be sent to the OAH at oah@dcca.hawaii,gov. YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that a contested case hearing on the Petition will be convened on September 14, 2021, at 9:00 a.m., in a hearings room at the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, 335 Merchant Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. Please check the posting outside Room 100 for the hearing room assignment. The deadline to intervene in the contested case hearing is 4:00 p.m. on July 28, 2021. DATED: May 20, 2021 DENISE P. BALANY Administrative Hearings Officer Department of Commerce and Consumer affairs (HTH1328415 5/30/21)