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Notice #: 0001318190-01
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The State of Hawaii Agribusiness Development Corporation (“ADC”) is accepting applications from interested farmers and cattle ranchers seeking land for agricultural production. All interested applicants can go to the ADC website at to download an application form, or contact the ADC office on Oahu at (808) 586-0186. Office hours are 7:45am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

The ADC has available land for agricultural production on Oahu, TMKs 6-4-03-16, 6-4-04-06 & 08, 7-1-01-12, 7-1-02-46 & 47, 7-1-02-34 (por) & 06, 9-5-03-07, and 7-1-01-05. License to farm these lands will be based on merit. All applicants will be rated and only the highest rated applicants will be selected. Accordingly, we are seeking farmers with the following prerequisites:
Minimum 5 years farming experience
Must submit a completed Business/Financial Plan for years 1-5 of proposal
Food safety, Good Agricultural Practices, Pesticide Application trained and certified highly preferred

The following are the available areas:
1. Paalaa Uka, Oahu, TMK: 6-4-03-16. Zoning: AG-1
Total: 511 gross acres (385 tillable acres)

2. Whitmore, Oahu, TMKs: 6-4-04-06 & 08. Zoning: AG-1
Total: 234 gross acres (162 tillable acres)

3. Whitmore, Oahu, TMKs: 7-1-01-12, 7-1-02-41, 46, & 47, 7-1-02-34 (por) & 06. Zoning: AG-1
Total: 416 gross acres (280 tillable acres)

4. Mililani Mauka, Oahu, TMKs: 9-3-05-07. Zoning: AG-1
Total: 91 gross acres (TBD tillable acres)

5. Galbraith Agricultural Lands, Oahu, TMKs: 7-1-01-05. Zoning: AG-1
Total: 230 gross acres (TBD tillable acres)

The lands have access via gated gravel and dirt roads. The Licensees are responsible for the development of their individual lot’s irrigation water infrastructure from a designated water meter, including water storage. The lots may require clearing before any agricultural activities can begin and will be issued as is. The Licensees are responsible for developing their individual lots in accordance with all applicable laws and license provisions.

The following are the general license provisions:

Starting at $100-200/acres/year; up to 35-year term; Must submit an approved conservation plan; Licensee is responsible for the development of the water infrastructure and for obtaining all water use permits and/or water use agreements; No subletting, except as approved by ADC; No permanent structures or residential dwellings shall be allowed, except as approved by ADC; Rent credits may apply.

The deadline for ADC to receive applications is 2:00pm, Friday, April 9, 2021. The applicants are required to complete all applicable questions and attachments. All completed applications must be mailed or delivered to 235 S. Beretania St., Room 205, Honolulu, HI 96813. For more information about the parcels, interested applicants may visit the ADC website at, or contact Ken Nakamoto at (808) 586-0087.

DATED: Honolulu, Hawaii March 15, 2021

/s/ James J. Nakatani, Exec.
Agribusiness Development Corporation
(SA1318190 3/10/21)