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Notice #: 0001300234-01
State/City & County Jobs

State of Hawaii
Trust Funds Accountant
Non-civil service, part-time position
Temporary, not to exceed 12 months

Description: Responsible for resolving past, current and preventing future tax liability issues and concerns with the IRS specifically involving special trust funds, revolving funds, and discretionary funds that have been established within the Department of Defense (DOD) since 2005. The combined dollar amount of the funds is $1,500,000. The job shall include the reconciliation of all financial records and fiscal reports pertaining to these funds. All delinquent taxes owed on these trust funds shall be negotiated and resolved with the IRS. These trust funds are exclusive to the DOD and serve only to improve the welfare, morale, and financial standing of the men and women of the Hawaii Army National Guard and the Hawaii Air National Guard. Soldiers and airmen pay monthly and annual dues into these trust accounts that benefit them. E.g. life insurance, annual social events recognizing promotions, advocacy for the Guard and its members, and educational scholarships. The position requires open and regular communication with the department’s Fiscal/management staff on the work progress. Provides analyses on fiscal discrepancies found including preventative measures to avoid future tax penalties. The individual works independently and is under the general direction of the Administrative Services Officer of the DOD.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in accounting or business with a major in accounting. Work experience in professional accounting which provided the skills, ability, and knowledge to deal with complex tax issues of non-profit organizations.

Salary: up to $50/hr. not to exceed $50,000, in total compensation, depending on qualifications and subject to Governor’s approval and available funds.

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and three (3) references by November 2, 2020 to:

Department of Defense
Attn: State Fiscal Office, Room 125, Ken
3949 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96816
(SA1300234 10/23/20)