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Notice #: 0001279234-01
Public Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE BILL NO. 2778 ORDINANCE NO. 1073 A BILL FOR AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 8-4.3(d), KAUA’I COUNTY CODE 1987, AS AMENDED, RELATING TO DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS FOR RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES NOT INVOLVING THE SUBDIVISION OF LAND (County of Kaua’i Planning Department, Applicant) (ZA-2020-13) CERTIFICATE OF THE COUNTY CLERK I hereby certify that Bill No. 2778 was adopted on second and final reading by the Council of the County of Kaua’i at its meeting held on May 6, 2020 by the following vote: FOR ADOPTION: Chock, Cowden, Evslin, Kagawa, Kuali’i, Kaneshiro TOTAL 6, AGAINST ADOPTION: None TOTAL 0, EXCUSED & NOT VOTING: Brun TOTAL 1*, RECUSED & NOT VOTING: None TOTAL 0. approved by the Mayor on May 7, 2020, and now has the effect of law as Ordinance No. 1073. Lihu’e, Hawai’i /s/ Jade K. Fountain-Tanigawa May 7, 2020 County Clerk, County of Kaua’i *Beginning with the March 11, 2020 Council Meeting and until further notice, Councilmember Arthur Brun will not be present due to U.S. v. Arthur Brun et al., Cr. No. 20-00024-DKW (United States District Court), and therefore will be noted as excused (i.e., not present). (TGI1279234 5/14/20)