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Notice #: 0001247404-01
Public Hearings


TIME: 10 A.M.

1. Resolution 19-282 – Confirming the nomination of Dr. Masahiko Kobayashi, to serve as the Medical Examiner of the City and County of Honolulu.

2. Resolution 19-284 – Relating to the reappointment of Victoria Marks to serve on the Ethics Commission of the City and County of Honolulu.

3. Resolution 19-310 – Relating to the appointment of Kaipo Kukahiko, to serve on the Grants in Aid Advisory Commission of the City and County of Honolulu.

4. Resolution 19-311 – Confirming the nomination of Mark K. Yonamine to serve as the Director of Design and Construction of the City and County of Honolulu.

5. Resolution 19-312 – Relating to the reappointment of Stefanie Lee to serve on the Fire Commission of the City and County of Honolulu.

6. Bill 27 – To rezone land situated at Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii. (Rezoning land from the P-2 General Preservation District to the R-7.5 Residential District.) (Applicant: Horseshoe Land Company, LLC)

7. Bill 56 – Relating to bus passes. (Authorizing the Department of Transportation Services to establish a pilot program for free bus passes for high school students on Oahu to attend off-campus or after-school programs.)

8. Bill 59, CD1 – Relating to animals. (Amending certain provisions relating to dogs and cats.)

9. Bill 60 – Relating to affordable rental housing. (Addressing affordable rental housing.)

10. Resolution 19-35 – Initiating amendments to the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu 1973 (2017 Edition) to establish a term limit for the Prosecuting Attorney of the City and County of Honolulu.

The item listed below has been published in anticipation of the action to be taken by the Committee on Public Infrastructure, Technology and Sustainability; and therefore, the City Council may or may not take action on the item or any amendments proposed thereto.

11. Resolution 19-275and any amendments proposed thereto by the Committee on Public Infrastructure, Technology and Sustainability – Confirming the reappointment of Dr. Victoria Keener to serve on the Climate Change Commission of the City and County of Honolulu.

Persons wishing to speak are requested to register by 10 a.m. using the On-Line Council Speaker Registration form available at, or by sending a fax indicating your desire to speak, along with your name, phone number and subject matter to 768-3826 or by calling 768-3814. Testimony is limited to three minutes and shall be presented by the registered speaker only.

Written testimonies may be faxed to 768-3826 or transmitted via the internet at By submitting written testimony, you are not automatically registered to speak. You are requested to register to speak if you wish to provide oral testimony.

On-line and fax registration forms must be received by 10 a.m. to be included in the list of registered speakers. Persons who have not registered to testify by 10 a.m. will be given an opportunity to present oral testimony on an item following the registered speakers by raising their hand at the time additional speakers are called upon.

Copies of the Bills, Resolutions and any amendments thereto are available at the City Clerk’s Office, Room 203, Honolulu Hale or on-line at

Accommodations are available upon request to persons with disabilities, please call 768-3814 or send an email to at least 3 working days prior to the meeting.

(SA1247404 11/23/19)