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Notice #: 0001222214-01
Public Hearings


To Adopt Proposed City and County of Honolulu
Administrative Rules, Title 14, Chapter 6, Storm Water Quality (SWQ)

Notice is hereby given of proposed rulemaking and public hearing by the Department of Facility Maintenance, City and County of Honolulu, to consider adoption of proposed City and County of Honolulu Administrative Rules, Title 14, Chapter 6, governing the enforcement and appeals process for Storm Water Quality violations (“proposed rules”).

The proposed rules shall apply to the actions of the Director in the administration and enforcement of Chapter 14, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu, 1990, as amended, the permit and licenses thereunder, and the duly adopted rules of the Department.

The new proposed rules are summarized as follows:




§14-6-1 Applicability
§14-6-2 Definitions
§14-6-3 Notice of Violation
§14-6-4 Notice of Order
§14-6-5 Other Enforcement Orders
§14-6-6 Addition of unpaid civil fines to taxes, fees and charges collected by the City
§14-6-7 Referral to a Collection Service


§14-6-8 Purpose
§14-6-9 Definitions
§14-6-10 Appearance and practice before the Department
§14-6-11 Computation of time
§14-6-12 Form of pleadings
§14-6-13 Requirements and fees for filing
§14-6-14 Petition for appeal
§14-6-15 Mandatory filing deadline
§14-6-16 Withdrawal of petition
§14-6-17 Prehearing procedure
§14-6-18 Intervention
§14-6-19 Contested case, notice hearing and records
§14-6-20 Rules of evidence; official notice
§14-6-21 Burden of proof
§14-6-22 Failure to appear
§14-6-23 Decision and order
§14-6-24 Judicial remand
§14-6-25 Declaratory Rulings

A public hearing will be held on Monday, September 9, 2019, at Kapolei Hale, Conference Room “A” on the first floor of 1000 Uluohia Street, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707, between the times of 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

All interested persons are encouraged to attend the public hearing and present relevant data, views, or arguments in the time provided, for consideration by the Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM). Persons unable to attend or wishing to present additional comments may mail written testimony to the Department of Facility Maintenance, 1000 Uluohia Street, Suite 212, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707, no later than September 16, 2019.

Interested persons may review the proposed rules starting today and ending five (5) days prior to the day of the public hearing during the hours of 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Department of Facility Maintenance, 1000 Uluohia Street, Suite 212, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707.

A copy of the proposed rules will be mailed to any person who submits a written request to the above address and pays the required fee of $4.95 for the cost of duplicating the documents and postage. A complete set of the proposed rules is also available, free of charge, on the City’s internet website:

Individuals interested in attending the public hearing that require special assistance may call the Department of Facility Maintenance at 768-3268 or
768-3343, or in writing to the above address, at least five (5) business days before the scheduled public hearing. For additional information, please visit the DFM-SWQ website at and click the tab under News and Public Notices to view the proposed rules. Please email for any inquiries.
Ross S. Sasamura, P.E.
Director and Chief Engineer
Department of Facility Maintenance
(SA1222214 8/9/19)