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Notice #: 0001090638-01
State/City & County Jobs

State of Hawaii Department of Defense
Assistant to the Deputy Adjutant General
Contractual, full-time position, six (6) month term

Description: Represents the Department of Defense (DOD) in providing administrative support to the Mayor of Hawaii County, the Puna community, and the Hawaii County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) by providing accurate information on available resources, capabilities, and estimated response times to help shape their Requests For Assistance (RAF) from the DOD.

Provides advance notification of draft RFAs to DOD Hawaii National Guard (HING) Command and Control section (C2) and also provides them with any known details of the County’s initial concept and intent.

Assists in planning, coordination, and pre-deployment site surveys to develop HING concept of operations, working closely with partner State and County agencies to ensure mutual support and unity of effort. Submits proposed concept to DOD Joint Operations (J3) which includes but, is not limited to, the planning and coordination of airlifts, checkpoints, supply convoys, etc. Works with HING J3 to determine equipment and manning requirements to support each RFA. Also, briefs HING State Active Duty personnel deployed to area of operations on mission, intent, concept of operations, sustainment, and specified tasks as related to each RFA.

Coordinates link-up between County Point of Contact person and Officer in Charge of the HING element tasked to support the RFA. Also, coordinates with State and County agencies for assistance as needed for HING assets in the field throughout the operation, i.e., police response, access to restricted areas, etc.

Corresponds with Hawaii County Civil Defense, Public Works, Police, and Fire to gather damage assessments, road closures, and other hazards or events pertinent for situational awareness and distributes information to HING C2 nodes to maintain a common operating picture. Relays pertinent reports from HING assets as applicable to Hawaii County EOC to share situational awareness. Must attend all Hawaii County EOC planning meetings and information update briefs, and relays pertinent data to HING C2 section.

Identifies any conflicts between HING elements and other State or County agencies, and coordinates with various department heads or liaisons at Hawaii County EOC to resolve or mitigate issues.

Salary: Up to $8,199/month, depending on qualifications and available funds.

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and three (3) references by May 31, 2018 to:

Department of Defense
Attn: Ken (Ph. 733-4201)
3949 Diamond Head Road, Room 105
Honolulu, HI 96816
(SA1090638 5/22/18)