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Notice #: 0001044665-01
Public Hearings


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes ("HRS") Chapters 91, 269, and 271, and Hawaii Administrative Rules ("HAR") Chapters
6-61, 6 62, 6-63, and 6-68, the HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION ("Commission") will hold a show cause hearing to determine whether the certificates of authority or the certificates of registration of the telecommunications carriers listed below and the certificates of public convenience and necessity or permits of the motor carriers of passengers and property listed below should be suspended or revoked for their failure to do one or more of the following:

(a) File annual financial reports pursuant to HRS § 271-25, HAR § 6 80 91, and Ordering Paragraph No. 2 of the Order Authorizing the Continuation of the Zone of Reasonableness Program for Motor Carriers, filed on September 22, 2010, in Docket No. 2007-0159;

(b) Pay annual fees and/or assessed penalties, pursuant to HRS §§ 269 30, 271-27(h)(i), 271-36, 40-35.5, and HAR § 6-62-42(d); and/or

(c) File a tariff pursuant to HRS § 271-21(a) and HAR § 6-63-3.

(d) Secure the minimum proscribed amounts of automobile insurance pursuant to HRS § 271-17 and HAR § 6-62-8.

The Commission directs the PROPERTY AND PASSENGER MOTOR CARRIERS, AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS CARRIERS listed below to appear before the Commission at the hearing to be held at the Queen Lili’uokalani Conference Room, King Kalakaua Building, 335 Merchant Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

Each entity listed below may be represented by an attorney of its own choosing. Sole proprietors may appear on their own behalf; a partner may represent a partnership; and an officer or authorized employee of a corporation, trust, or association may represent the corporation, trust, or association. If an entity listed below fails to appear at the scheduled hearing, the Commission may suspend or revoke that entities certificate or permit.



2017-0249 Kong Enterprises, Inc.-286-C
2017-0251 Hokulani Hauling Hawaii, LLC-2135-C
2017-0252 Huki Lift Hauling A Division of Hook Lift Hawaii, Inc.-2166-C
2017-0253 A & M Trucking, Inc.-2170-C
2017-0254 T&S Trucking LLC-2191-C
2017-0255 Hiroshima Trucking LLC-2204-C
2017-0256 Wendell Duarte, dba W. Duarte Trucking-2255-C
2017-0257 Thunder Trucking LLC-2270-C
2017-0258 Masen’s Da Truck LLC-2276-C
2017-0259 Kua’ana Trucking, Inc.-2297-C
2017-0260 Gateway Builders & Hauling LLC-2303-C
2017-0261 Bluestar Pacific Inc.-2336-C
2017-0262 CW Trucking LLC-2352-C
2017-0263 Sumo Trucking LLC-2355-C
2017-0264 Phoenix Enterprise LLC-2367-C
2017-0265 D and C Akina’s Trucking LLC-2368-C
2017-0266 Ekela Trucking LLC-2369-C
2017-0267 Mikaele Trucking LLC-2379-C
2017-0269 Al Jr. Farms, LLC-4080-C
2017-0270 DT Trucking LLC-4133-C
2017-0271 Jeffrey S. Borge, dba JSB Enterprises-4169-C
2017-0272 MBT LLC-5110-C
2017-0273 Robert E. Lee, Jr.-5149-C
2017-0278 Direct Support Resources, Inc., dba DSR-2132-C
2017-0280 Kana’i Trucking LLC-2338-C



2017-0281 AXIV, Inc.-342-C
2017-0282 Hunter Tour LLC-352-C
2017-0283 RERK Transport LLC-353-C
2017-0284 Wayne Michael Green, dba Sociology Tour of Hawaii, and dba Unusual Hawaii
2017-0285 Hans Hedeman Surf, Inc.-482-C
2017-0286 PPF Hawaii LLC-492-C
2017-0287 Glenn John Park, dba Fun Hawaii Tour-549-C
2017-0288 Harald Stellwag-555-C
2017-0290 Minh Ky Ho-597-C
2017-0291 Fatani Tuita, dba Tiny Limousine-822-C
2017-0292 Modaddy Sanford Productions LLC-830-C
2017-0293 Alficio P.L. Ghuhde, dba Legna 1-851-C
2017-0294 Shalanda Renee Schroeder, dba Sophisticated Chauffeurs-882-C
2017-0295 Pro Surf School Hawaii LLC–910
2017-0296 V.I.P. Mobile Entertainment, LLC-933-C
2017-0297 City Limousine, Inc.-1014-C
2017-0298 Very Best LLC-1381-C
2017-0299 McInerny Transportation Company, Inc.-1454-C
2017-0300 Hawaii China Travel Service, Inc.-1461-C
2017-0301 Lorenzo Hood-1726-C
2017-0302 Daniel J. Quan, dba Hot Lava Limousine Service-1763-C
2017-0303 Mamdouh Abdel Aziz Mahfouz Mohamed, dba Mahalo Shuttle
2017-0305 A Absolutely Affordable and Reliable Shuttle, LLC, dba Sunshine Shuttle-1930-C
2017-0306 Stephen Oania Cid, dba El Cid Handi Van Services-1984-C
2017-0307 Carol Resinto, dba All Possibilities Shuttle Service-3586-C
2017-0308 James Mahealani Reis, Jr., dba Experience Kauai Tours & Transportation-3592-C
2017-0309 Tetsuya Fukudome, dba Francky’s Mauishouten Company-4895-C
2017-0310 The Maui Touring Company LLC-4907-C
2017-0311 Aloha Facilitators Inc.-4920-C
2017-0312 David Sherwood-5528-C
2017-0313 Natural Habitat, Inc., dba Natural Habitat Adventures-5541-C
2017-0315 Hawaiian Discovery Transportation LLC-5553-C
2017-0316 Private Transport Co. Ltd.-5554-C
2017-0317 Kohala Grown Farm Tours LLC-5564-C
2017-0318 Volcano Hiking Tours LLC-5566-C
2017-0319 Joseph Edward Carrozza, dba Keoz Taxi, and dba Taxi Joe-5579-C
2017-0320 Figs Mix Plate LLC, dba Ka’ Aina Ali’i Adventures-5590-C
2017-0321 Hawaii Helicopters, Inc.-5669-C
2017-0322 Air Taxi & Tours, LLC, dba Air Taxi, Tours & Shuttle-5697-C
2017-0323 Hawaiian Walkways, Inc.-5706-C
2017-0324 Hilo Bay Tours LLC-5717-C
2017-0325 Antone R. Silva, dba Orchid Isle Limousine & Cab-5745-C
2017-0326 Orion-Independence K. Enocencio, dba Orion’s Hunting Adventures & Taxidermy Service-5755-C
2017-0327 AJ’s Tour, LLC-5779-C
2017-0328 Justin Shawn Remais, dba The Surf Bus-1914-C
2017-0329 Maui Executive Transportation Services, LLC, dba Maui Executive Transportation-4591-C
2017-0330 Honolulu Trans and Tour, LLC-825-C



2017-0331 Birch Telecom of the West, Inc., dba Birch Communications
2017-0332 Defense Mobile Corporation
2017-0333 Encompass Communications, LLC
2017-0334 Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc.
2017-0335 Hawaii Dialogic Telecom, LLC
2017-0336 NECC Telecom, Inc.
2017-0337 Net One International, Inc.
2017-0338 Primus Telecommunications, Inc.
2017-0339 Tempo Telecom, LLC
(SA1044665 11/6, 11/13/17)