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Jun 3Published in The Garden Island
(1.) NOTICE OF ABANDONED VEHICLE DISPOSAL PLATE VIN VEHICLE REGISTERED OWNER HA 1784 CP / no vin / BOAT, ALII KAI , WHI / ASUNCION, RAYMOND KALEO ; JVW273 / 1G8ZH52872Z168985 / 2002 SATU SL1, LBL/BLU / SUDZINA, MICHAEL E ; JXP364 / 4F4YR16D02TM26787 / 2002 MAZD , GLD / SMITH, ANDREW ; KBW256 / 4S6CK58V2V4402075 / 1997 HOND PAS, WHI / KANAHELE, TYRONE PATRICK ; KWM344 / KMHCF35C04U314323 / 2004 HYUN , WHI / unknown ; KWY064 / 5FNRL38645B127979 / 2005 HOND ODY, GLD / GEARY, KAYLA ; KZA693 / 1GTCS19W818152325 / 2001 GMC , BLU / MORRIS, HARLEY LAWRENCE (...) (End Date: Jun 10) (p1)
Jun 1Published in Star-Advertiser
(2.) DEPARTMENT OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL STATE OF HAWAII NOTICE OF INTENT TO ADMINISTRATIVELY FORFEIT PROPERTY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO THE PERSONS IDENTIFIED HEREIN AND ALL OTHERS WHO MAY HAVE AN INTEREST that administrative forfeiture proceedings have been commenced against the property listed herein by the filing with the Attorney General of Petitions for Administrative Forfeiture pursuant to Chapter 712A, (Hawaii Omnibus Criminal Forfeiture Act), Hawaii Revised Statutes ("HRS"). The appearance of names of persons and business entities in this notice does not mean that they are criminal suspects; it only means that the state believes they may have an (...) (End Date: Jun 8) (p1)