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Aug 12(1.) NOTICE OF DISPOSITION OF IMPOUNDED VESSELS Notice is given that the following vessels: Item No. 1727, "KIFARU'', Reg. No. HA 6905 B, a 29' sailing vessel; Item No. 1805, "DA KINE", Reg. No. HA 1347 D, a 25' sailing vessel; Item No. 1806, "DOUBLE DOSE", Reg. No. HA 5250 C, a 24' sailing vessel; Item No. 1807, "KAMALANI", Reg. No. HA 7860 E, a 27' sailing vessel; Item No. 1808, "EXHALE", Reg. No. HA 6020 E, a 24' sailing vessel; Item No. 1809, "MADELYNN", Reg. No. HA 5889 C, a 24' sailing vessel; Item No. 1811, No Name, Reg. No. (...) (End Date: Aug 19) (p1)
Aug 9(2.) NOTICE OF INTENT TO REQUEST RELEASE OF FUNDS STATE OF HAWAII HAWAII PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITY 1002 NORTH SCHOOL STREET HONOLULU, HAWAII 96817 On or about September 4th, 2018, the State of Hawaii will authorize the Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA) to submit a request to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the release of Capital Fund Program (CFP) HI08P001501-17 and HI08P001501-18 grants under Title I of the United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended to undertake any of the following projects. CAPITAL FUND PROGRAM (CFP) Hawai`i Island: 1. Lanakila Physical & Site Improvements – Demolition (...) (End Date: Aug 16) (p1)
Aug 8(3.) PROCLAMATION SAILAU TIMOTEO, Hawai'i Republican Party candidate for District 43 of the State House of Representatives, is no longer considered to be a candidate for office, because she did not meet the constitutional requirements for the office at the time of the filing of her nomination paper. Given this, her nomination paper is void. Article III, Section 6 of the Hawai'i State Constitution, in relevant part, provides as follows: No person shall be eligible to serve as a member of the house of representatives unless the person has been a resident of the State for not less than three years, (...) (End Date: Aug 15) (p1)