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Jan 19(1.) FOR SALE Pisces IV & V Pisces IV and V are each a three-person, battery-powered Deep Submergence Vehicle, with a maximum operating depth of 2,000 m (6,600 ft). Includes life support systems, 120/24VDC power plant and distribution system, hard&soft ballast systems, underwater telephones (2 each) plus spares, TrackLink USBL tracking systems (2 each) plus spares, Tritech SeaKing SONARs (2 each) plus spares, Nuytco NewtSun 500 High intensity LED lights, altimeters, (2each), Paroscientific depth sensors (2 each), ROS SD cameras (2 each), HD/SD video data recorders, Schilling Robotics HPUs (4 each), hydraulic systems plus spares, Hydraulic Pan and tilts (4 each) (...) (End Date: Jan 26) (p1)
Jan 19(2.) FOR SALE Launch and Recovery Transport Platform The launch, recovery, and transport platform (LRT) is 49 ft long and was specifically designed as a submersible launch platform that can submerge and hover with the 13-ton submersible aboard. Includes support and towing gear. Additional information, picture and specifications can be found at: Upset price (minimum bid accepted): $47,500 Arrangements to inspect the vehicles may be made by contacting Anita L. Lopez, UH Marine Center, at 808-224-2680 between 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday except holidays. The submersibles are located at Makai Pier, 41-305 Kalanianaole Hwy; Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795. The items (...) (End Date: Jan 26) (p1)
Jan 9(3.) NOTICE TO BIDDERS The City & County of Honolulu (City) is soliciting bids for the lease of City property located at 91-1002 Apa'a Street and its Honolulu Shelter (address confidential). The lease shall allow for housing and services for special needs groups. The minimum qualifications an Offeror shall meet are: private nonprofit organization registered in the state of Hawaii, experience in operating a housing or supportive services program, and must not be arrears in payment of taxes, rents or other obligations owed to the City. The following are evaluation criteria used to rank and select proposals: ability to meet priorities (...) (End Date: Jan 23) (p1)