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Public Hearings

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of public hearings to be held by the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA), a body corporate and a public instrumentality of the State of Hawaii, pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Sections 91-3, 92-41, 206E-5.6, and Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 15-219: DATES: May 26, 2021 (Presentation Hearing) 9:00 a.m. June 23, 2021 (Decision-Making Hearing) 9:00 a.m. PLACE: Hearings will be convened virtually* *In accordance with the Governor’s April 9, 2021 Nineteenth Proclamation Related to the COVID-19 Emergency (“Nineteenth Emergency Proclamation”), specifically Section VI (B), ordering the suspension of specific provisions of certain laws including HRS Chapter 92, “public agency meetings and records” and social distancing guidelines issued by state and federal public health agencies in an effort to contain community spread of the ongoing COVID-19 Virus, the above-referenced public hearings will be convened virtually via Zoom: Zoom Meeting: U213UT09 Meeting ID: 702 569 4770 Passcode: 434019 The public may also view the above-referenced public hearings which will be live- streamed (simultaneously recorded and broadcast live) via the following internet “YouTube” link provided below: YouTube: In the event that the temporary suspension of specific provisions of the Sunshine Law provided for in the Governor’s Nineteenth Emergency Proclamation is lifted or otherwise no longer in effect, and therefore allowing the Authority to convene any of the above-referenced public hearings in person, those hearings will be held at the above-referenced times, at the following location: HCDA Board Meeting Room 547 Queen Street, 2nd Floor Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 or as soon thereafter as those interested may be heard to consider the following item: Adoption of HAR Chapter 15-220, Relating to the He’eia Community Development District (CDD) Plan and Rules. On July 9, 2011, Act 210 was signed into law by the Hawaii State Legislature creating the He’eia CDD. The He’eia CDD is comprised of approximately 400 acres of land located within the He’eia Ahupua’a on the windward side on the island of Oahu. The He’eia CDD is identified as Tax Map Key Parcels: (1) 4-6-16:001 and (1) 4-6-16-002 (owned by HCDA), and (1) 4-6-16:004, 012, and 017 (owned by various owners of kuleana parcels). Pursuant to HRS §206E-203, “He’eia Community Development District”, the proposed He’eia CDD Plan and Rules shall provide standards and guidelines for the development of culturally-appropriate agriculture, education, cultural practices as well as natural resource restoration and management. The Draft He’eia CDD Plan and Rules. The mana’o ho’oko (intent) of the He’eia CDD Plan is: Recognizing the value of ahupua’a management principles, promote and cultivate ‘aina momona (abundance) for the lands of He’eia for present and future generations through culturally-appropriate agriculture, education, natural resources restoration and management. The He’eia CDD Plan include the following principles: Restore the wetlands to support sustainable farming and food production, while protecting and supporting native species habitats. Protect the health of the He’eia Ahupua’a, acknowledging that the He’eia CDD is a key component of the He’eia Ahupua’a. Perpetuate Hawaiian culture to enrich the He’eia CDD and the broader district of Ko’olaupoko. Preserve significant archaeological, historic, and cultural sites identified in the He’eia CDD Plan, consistent with HRS Chapter 6E . Promote economic and environmental sustainability. The Draft He’eia CDD Rules, Title 15, Chapter 220, HAR, propose the following uses within the He’eia CDD: (1) agriculture and aquaculture with ancillary facilities; (2) cultural facilities and uses; and (3) educational facilities and uses. Proposed land use zones within the He’eia CDD include: Wao Ho’ola: The Wao Ho’ola zone is the upland or ‘aina mauka area of the District and is envisioned as the area of restoration and respite. Non-native vegetation will be replaced with native and culturally-significant vegetation. The Wao Ho’ola zone provides an opportunity for dry-land agriculture as well as facilities that promote respite and healing. Wao Kahua: The Wao Kahua zone is envisioned as the area of strong foundation to establish educational, cultural and agricultural support facilities. Due to its higher elevation above the wetland area, facilities can be built to fulfill the agricultural, cultural, and educational goals of the District. Wao Loko i’a Kalo: The Wao Loko i’a Kalo zone is the wetland area of the District and is the most vital component of the District. Primary uses include: mahi’ai (cultivate food) such as lo’i kalo (taro), dryland crops and development of loko i’a (fish and detention ponds). The Draft He’eia CDD Plan and Rules is available online at A hard copy of the Draft He’eia CDD Plan and Rules may also be obtained via regular mail upon payment of photocopying and postage handling fees. To request a hard copy, you may contact the HCDA by telephone at (808) 594-0300 or by e-mail at during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), excluding State and Federal holidays. Written public testimony regarding the proposed Draft He’eia CDD Plan and Rules will be accepted through the HCDA website at until 12:00 p.m. on the day before the respective public hearing dates (“Written Testimony Deadline”). Persons wishing to present public testimony after the Written Testimony Deadline are encouraged to attend the public hearing via zoom to present oral testimony. Persons who intend to present oral testimony may sign up at the beginning of each public hearing. Please be advised that any written public testimony submitted to the HCDA will be treated as a public record and, as such, any contact information contained therein may be available for public inspection and copying. Pursuant to HAR § 15-219-71, public comment or testimony may be limited to three minutes per speaker and speakers may be subject to questioning by the members of the HCDA board or by any other representative of the HCDA. For any questions or concerns regarding the above, please call the HCDA office at 594-0300. Individuals who need auxiliary aids for effective communication are invited to contact Ms. Francine Murray, HCDA’s ADA Compliance Coordinator at 594-0300, or by facsimile at 587- 0299 at least five working days prior to the date required. HAWAII COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, JOHN WHALEN, CHAIRPERSON (WHT1324590 4/26/21)